BBC Breaking News - 23.03.2019
Syrian Democratic Forces announce defeat of Islamic State group, as final territory falls in Syria
BBC Breaking News - 21.03.2019
President Trump tweets that US will recognise Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights, seized from Syria in 1967 war
BBC Breaking News - 07.03.2019
Frenchman is convicted of murdering four people at Brussels Jewish Museum in 2014 after returning from Syria war
BBC Breaking News - 19.02.2019
Shamima Begum, who joined Islamic State in Syria aged 15, to lose her UK citizenship, family’s lawyer says
BBC Breaking News - 06.01.2019
Two British special forces soldiers seriously injured after being hit by missile in an Islamic State attack in Syria
German woman faces Islamic State-linked terrorism charges
Syria uses familiar tactic in rebel Idlib: Bombing civilians
Armenia sends more mine-clearing experts, doctors to Syria
Chinese carmakers set up plants in #Syria, locals also want #Russia to join
#Germany brings back first children of #Daesh supporters from abroad
Almost 1,000 refugees left Syria's #Rukban camp on April 4 – Russian military
US, UK vow to hold perpetrators of chemical attacks in #Syria responsible
Someone Else's War: when your child joins the war against Isis - video
France will not take back ISIS jihadis and their families following furious backlash at reports
Germany brings back first children of #Daesh supporters from abroad
It is too early to celebrate victory over the Islamic State in Syria, @SaraHunaidi writes.
Chinese carmakers set up plants in #Syria, locals also want Russia to join
Jordan recently opened up a border crossing with Syria, and some refugees are leaving camps and returning home.
Israel buries remains of soldier recovered by Russian forces in Syria
Syria not ruling out military solution to #GolanHeights issue - foreign ministry
The war is not over in the country, but that hasn't stopped 15,000 refugees from returning to Syria.
#Omar & #AOC join Republicans to urge #Syria withdrawal @AshleeMBanks @SteveMTalk…
Venezuela says more Russian troops may arrive to face the U.S. as Syria offers support
ISIS has not been defeated as terrorists are re-grouping in Syria
'We had to be perfect': A-10 squadron honored for heroism in fight against ISIS #syria #GallantUnitCitation
This is what the end of ISIS in Syria looks like. @sebwalker reports.
Events in #Venezuela are similar to what happened in #Syria – #Assad tells visiting FM
Events in #Venezuela resemble onset of Syrian crisis - #Assad to Venezuelan Foreign Minister
Russian troops in Syria find the remains of Israeli soldier missing since 1982, Putin tells Netanyahu
.@SecPompeo to Turkey: Military action in Syria will have 'devastating' consequences
#Venezuela won’t become 2nd Syria - Lavrov